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I have naturally thick hair that’s (unnaturally) pretty damaged. It’s form of frizzy curly if I leave it alone so I have to style it within an inch of it’s life, and that tends to be straight somewhat than curly. I are inclined to backcomb blonde and pastel pink hair it or use rollers for a night out to add volume. When I was asked to try Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers I was VERY enthusiastic. Heated rollers are something I wished to try however didn’t actually know where to begin to as as there’s rather a lot out there and they range so much in price.

I didn’t want a ringlety or permed look, just a natural volume wave/curl type of hairstyle. Curling my hair with tongs annoys me and doing it with bendy rollers by no means ever looks right, nor does drying it with a diffuser.

These Enrapture rollers heat up in 2 minutes – they actually do get hot – and this is indicated by a handy LED panel on the front of them. As you may see, there’s an on and off switch. The cord’s long enough so you do not have to drag a mirror over by a plug (we’ve all completed it, have not we ), the casing makes sure you don’t end up with rollers all over the place and so they fit neatly into their case. The rollers are in two sizes as well so you can range the dimensions of the curl a bit or just go for a bit of volume.

I’ve used these quite a couple of times now. They’re really easy to use, even for a hair dunce like my good self. You just heat them up, then roll sections as you’ll with a traditional set of velcro rollers, then clip utilizing the clips provided (which are actually really helpful, I don’t know if I’d have been patient enough to use kirby grips or something). To do my whole head probably takes 10-15 minutes total – curling with tongs takes me about 45 and at all times appears too ringlety for me – so add on 2 minutes for heating up time and you’re easily looking at below 20 minutes. Once they’re in, they feel pretty secure and there are more than sufficient to do my full hair. I experiemented a bit with part sizes and found I want to do larger sections with each roller where I can. Here I am looking a bit moody in my rollers (I had the larger ones at the roots of my hair, and the smaller ones underneath):

I left this in as long as I might, probably about 30 minutes in each instances I’ve pictured, as I am at all times working late, and went about my business with the rollers in. The clips kept them in during this time, they weren’t uncomfortable and they came out of my hair really easily without getting tangled. The highest picture is when i took smaller sections of hair, and the underside is bigger sections..I favor the larger I think.

Are you able to tell I hate having my photo taken!! I then give my curls a fast spritz with some hairspray (an Aussie one, I love the smell of it) and I’m good to go. The curls stay in very well. I’m ridiculously impressed with these, just want I’d tried them out sooner as they’d have saved a number of irritating time making an attempt to curl my hair for hours after which having to put it up anyway as I hate the way it appears!

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