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Avengers four Will have Captain Marvel

As nice because the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been, there has been a very evident challenge that won’t be resolved for one more year yet: a feminine-led movie. Now, the MCU has had Loads of epic feminine characters, from Pepper Pots, to Black Widow, to Wasp, Gamora, and several other characters from the upcoming Black Panther movie. But the primary girl to be getting her own solo film goes to be none apart from Captain Marvel, and now we will verify that she will probably be in the fourth Avengers film.

There was some dispute over whether or not this can be taking New Design black superman t shirt full sleeve 01 100% Cotton Summer C3PO Cartoon Children’s T-shirt place. Some leaked footage earlier in the yr appeared to indicate it might occur, and but, Kevin Feige stated she wouldn’t be, black superman t shirt full sleeve 01 or at the very least, wouldn’t be in Avengers: Infinity Struggle (take a look at the first trailer for that!). However, fellow Marvel lady Scarlet Johannsson spilled the beans to Vanity Truthful and noted that Brie Larson will arrive in Avengers four.