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Frank Castle (Earth-1610)

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Real Title
Present Alias

unnamed daughter (deceased)
unnamed son (deceased)

Early Days

One of the NYPD’S most interesting, Frank Castle refused to stand by whereas his partner and different officers took bribes from the mysterious underworld figure known because the Owl. Turning them in to Inside Affairs, Frank made himself a target — the officers he uncovered sought revenge, gunning Frank and his household down while they had been on a picnic within the park. The sole survivor, Frank grew to become the twisted, murderous vigilante known as the Punisher. Gaining a cult following his extreme model of justice, the Punisher ultimately went too far when he killed one of the cops who had slaughtered his household. Imprisoned on Ryker’s Island, the Punisher continued his work, killing nine unrepentant criminals, including Jim Washington, a convicted rapist who had been apprehended by Daredevil; but Frank had unfinished business, and took the first opportunity to flee. Free again, the Punisher killed two more of the crooked cops behind his household’s murder, including his former companion, Bruce Greenwood, who was visiting his lawyer, Matt Murdock, on the time. Chased by Daredevil, the Punisher managed to escape, nearly killing Daredevil in the process.

Monitoring Artie Jillette, the ultimate living member of the group who had killed his household and the go-between between the Owl and the other corrupt Cops, to his apartment, the Punisher held him at gunpoint, but was unable to kill the man in front of his children. Forcing Artie as much as the roof, the Punisher was once more confronted by Daredevil, who appealed to his sense of justice, claiming he would ensure that Jillette was sentenced for his crimes. Earlier than the Punisher may consider Daredevil’s claims, Spider-Man blindsided him, knocking him out and letting Artie escape. Daredevil ordered Spider-Man to take the Punisher to the police whereas he captured Artie; later, as lawyer Matt Murdock, he defended the Punisher in court. Jillette was reunited with the Punisher in jail, where Frank’s mates on the inside made positive they had been cellmates, guaranteeing the Punisher’s revenge.

The Kangaroo and Captain DeWolff
While in jail, the Punisher became a cultural phenomenon whose case was a lot discussed and featured on a number of fashionable evening information programs. Unsatisfied with merely avenging his household’s death, the Punisher broke out once more, continuing his chilly-blooded marketing campaign towards crime. He encountered Spider-Man while making an attempt to gun down Boomerang. Spider-Man simply defeated the Punisher again, and left both Castle and his target for the cops to select up.[1] Whereas imprisoned, Frank was amongst the many vigilantes who were manipulated by the Kingpin into killing the rising mob boss known as the Kangaroo. After escaping from jail, the Punisher got here into battle with Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Moon Knight. Following Kangaroo’s arrest, Castle managed to kill Jean DeWolff, a corrupt cop and underling of the Kingpin, earlier than being arrested as soon as once more.[2]

The Ghost Rider
Frank as an Avenger

After being apprehended by Captain America, who was posing as a Russian mob boss named Red Hammer, Frank Castle joined the Black Ops group recognized because the Avengers to hunt down and apprehend the Ghost Rider.[3] The workforce is also known for having rehabilitated other criminals and vigilantes resembling Purple Wasp and Hawkeye.

After having been briefed of the individuals the Ghost Rider was looking, the Punisher wanted to again down from the operation, arguing that he wouldn’t protect the federal government’s rich pals, solely to be electrocuted by the Black Widow, and pressured again into service. Later on, he would battle the Ghost Rider in Chicago, combating at O’Hare Airport. There, the Ghost Rider relayed a message from beyond, which would please Frank.[4]

Later on, it was revealed that the final meant goal of the Ghost Rider was the Vice President and the Avengers have been sent to protect him.[5] After a battle between War Machine and Tyrone Money in opposition to Ultimate Vengeance, Frank pursued the two males to a church, the place he shot and killed Vice President Blackthorne and allowed John Blaze to flee. He would then ask Hawkeye to let him go as effectively, arguing that he was doing the right thing, after which Hawkeye punched him, which freed the Punisher of an implant hidden in his molar, permitting him to escape afterwards.[6]

The Punisher was later seen hunting the true Pink Hammer in Russia, questioning who despatched him a message from the opposite facet that he was doing a very good job.

Final Avengers vs. New Ultimates
Frank was incarcerated after assassinating the Red Hammer, and is later visited by Nick Fury, who persuades him to rejoin the Avengers by providing him revenge on his fellow prisoners.[7] While the Avengers have been battling the brand new Ultimates, Frank was aiming a sniper rifle at Captain America’s kneecap with the intention of immobilizing him. However, Spider-Man swung in to push Rogers away and was hit by the bullet as an alternative.[Eight] Horrified that he had shot a child, he begged the S.H.I.E.L.D. brokers that arrived shortly afterwards to “punish him”.[9]

After Castle and the remainder of the Avengers had been arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D.they took Cash’s serum and temporarily gained Hulk-like powers. They confronted Gregory Stark, however he black and white superman shirt at easily defeated them utilizing his Nanite-based mostly powers.

The Avengers later assisted the new Ultimates against the Spider in Korea.[10]
Within the aftermath of the ultimate Avengers and New Ultimates battle, the Punisher is last seen torturing the opposite convicts in prison.

Howling Commandos
After the Dark Ultimates launched a large international assault, seemingly conquering Earth, Nick Fury recruited Castle into his new Black Ops Unit, the Howling Commandos.[11]

The Howling Commandos made their approach to the Maker’s base, the Aleph-One, the place they assisted the Ultimates in the dark Ultimates’ defeat.[12]

During Galactus’ invasion, Frank and the Howling Commandos fought the Gah Lak Tus swarm, but he was in the end merged into it alongside different of his teammates.[13] So as to save themselves, the rest of the Howling Commandos needed to kill him.[14]

Maximum Human Conditioning: Through special dieting plans, rigorous coaching, meditation techniques and train regimes, he had developed that strength, velocity, metabolism, stamina, longevity, reflexes and agility that are on the close to the limits of a brilliant-soldier’s inhuman capabilities. – Nigh-Superhuman Power: He has the power to bodily fight and overpower some Meta-humans and any human opponent.
Nigh-Superhuman Pace: He has proven the pace to shortly react and dodge assaults from beings who are sooner than himself. He also runs much quicker than Olympic degree athletes.
Nigh-Superhuman Acrobatics: He has shown extremely remarkable acrobatic prowess that’s seemingly superhuman.
Nigh-Superhuman Endurance: He can be more resilient to physical and psychological trauma than regular folks. He takes hits from beings with superhuman power and is at all times still standing. His stamina as also on the peak of human potential.
Nigh-Superhuman Metabolism: His naturally-enhanced metabolism allows him to heal much better than normal people and rather more rapidly than normal people. It makes him rather more resilient to pain, age, and fatigue than regular humans.

NYPD coaching: Earlier than Castle’s family was murdered, he was a police officer in the NYPD, thus receiving a eager perception into the criminal justice system. Frank is a superb marksman who is expert in the usage of a large variety of conventional weapons.

The Punisher possesses the normal human energy of a 6’5″ 240-pound man, who engages in intensive and intensive physical exercise, much like his Earth-616 counterpart.

Navy tools, previously high-tech combat swimsuit and weapons offered by S.H.I.E.L.D.. Castle wore a novel Stark Swimsuit throughout his first tenure with the Avengers (Earth-1610) which was bullet proof and offered him with super-human speed.[15]

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