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Lighten Hair With Rhubarb

Mousy brown Carry on the rhubarb! Here’s the way to naturally lighten your hair utilizing nothing however rhubarb and water.

You’ve heard of champagne blond, strawberry blond, and honey blond. Since it’s rhubarb season right here in New England, let me introduce the Rhubarb Blond.

However first a little bit of background. Rhubarb has a historical past of medicinal and cosmetic use that spans greater than 3,000 years, and folks didn’t even start consuming rhubarb stalks till the late 1700s.

Rhubarb originated in Central Asia and still occupies a revered place in conventional Chinese medicine. Scientists around the world continue exploring varied rhubarb species for their potential in treating ailments as diverse as dermatitis, pancreatic most cancers, and diabetes. (Word: The Rheum genus comprises no less than 60 species and many hybrids; the succulent species that we bake into pies differs from the medicinal rhubarbs, which are typically thought of inedible.)

Due to its high concentration of oxalic acid (the compound that makes the leaves and roots toxic to eat), rhubarb has additionally discovered use as an agent for cleaning metal, tanning leather, and controlling insects.

One of many more intriguing uses for the basis (truly a rhizome) of this ancient plant: as a lightening agent for blond or light brown hair. The oxalic acid serves as a fixative, so a rhubarb rinse will last for much longer than most herbal rinses.

Rhubarb Rinse Recipe
Brave sufficient to offer it a try Purchase some dried, chopped rhubarb root in a local well being food store; when you’ve got rhubarb growing in your garden, dig up a chunk of the rhizome, scrub it properly, and dice it.

Herbalists say that the strongest dye comes from the medicinal rhubarb species, but the roots of homegrown pie rhubarb will work, too, with a milder impact. Keep all rhubarb root away from children and pets.

Simmer 3 to 4 tablespoons of dried rhubarb root or half a cup of recent, chopped root in a quart of water for 20 minutes in a covered stainless-steel pot. (Don’t breathe the steam.) Let the decoction steep in a single day, then pressure in the morning.

Check the liquid dye on a strand of hair first to see when you like the colour. For those who do, wash your hair as standard, then pour the rhubarb dye by it, catching the liquid within the pan and repeating two or three times. Air dry without additional rinsing.

Did I try it myself Yes! It gave a gentle, golden glow to best synthetic curly weave my drained gray-white locks.

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Need to be taught more about rhubarb Check out our Rhubarb Plant Web page.

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