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Laserdisc Collectors – Ode To My Laser Disc Collection

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Laserdisc Collectors – Ode to My Laser disc Assortment
Up to date on October 6, 2010 Emma moreContact Author In January of 2005, I offered off fairly extensive laserdisc assortment for a paltry $300. Afterwards, I wrote up this post and shared it with some friends of mine as part of the “letting go” process. For those who have been once a laserdisc collector, I am certain you will understand. In case you weren’t, it should make no sense at all to have been so connected.

I bought into dwelling theater shortly after returning residence from Australia in 1994. I might just spent many of the previous 5 years living without a television, however after discovering an condo in Boston one in every of my first purchases was an enormous display screen television. It was a Panasonic, 35-inches. It was a really fabulous tv set and my father continues to be making great use of it today. My next buy was a Mitsubishi S-VHS VCR. I bought it at Tweeter and it price me about $one thousand. It had one head! Nevertheless it was very high end. *g*

Shortly after buying the tv and the VCR, I used to be turned onto the world of laserdiscs and dwelling theater. I routinely purchased every residence theater magazine in the marketplace and that i spent months researching laserdisc players as a result of I knew I needed a extremely good one. I ended up buying a Pioneer CLD-D704, still to at the present time considered probably the greatest laserdisc gamers ever made. Its checklist price was around $1200, however I purchased it online for $700. The laser disc participant was the first thing I ever purchased online.

I rented laserdiscs at Sight Tower stopped selling them; Columbia Home closed their membership. I knew when Dave’s Video in Studio City decided to close their doorways that it was all over.

In regards to the time Dave’s Video closed was about the time that I finally made the soar into DVD. The best star trek t shirts ltd timing was proper. It was the middle of the web increase and for awhile you might buy DVDs at ridiculously low prices (The Matrix cost me $1.Forty nine). For awhile I was still spending as much time watching my laserdisc assortment as I was watching DVDs, however ultimately the benefit of using DVD won out and that i truly started duplicating purchases. After a year or two of shopping for DVDs, I finally stopped watching my laserdiscs altogether, apart from watching the Star Wars trilogy once or twice a 12 months, or watching the theatrical lower of Blade Runner.

I’d have made much more money selling my collection a few years ago as a result of there were a lot more titles that hadn’t been launched on DVD but, but I just couldn’t allow them to go. Every time I’d sit down and start making an attempt to catalog the gathering, my emotional attachment and reminiscences would come speeding back with unbelievable force and I might throw a movie on and watch it. I would remember how much I beloved shopping for these discs. They were for movie afficianados only. You couldn’t buy laserdiscs at Walmart, y’know You had to go out and look for them and monitor down the retailers that carried them. With the exception of Tower Data, most laserdiscs were offered by specialty stores. There was one store in Dedham, Ma the place I used to purchase discs that also had a house theater arrange within the back of the shop and a few occasions a month I went there to observe movies with different laserdisc followers. We might geek out about particular features and the most recent releases and talk about and argue over which discs had been “reference” discs — the type of disc you put on to impress your friends attributable to its superior video switch and audio.

Mainly, laserdiscs have been a life-style. DVDs are simply one other commodity. Do not get me incorrect, I love DVDs and I have many, but they are cheap and straightforward to purchase, and i simply know that I will never feel the identical method about them that I did about shopping for my laserdiscs. Ultimately though, you simply need to let issues go and let your reminiscences suffice.

My Former Laserdisc Assortment
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sendingBrent 5 years in the past
I used to be also on the Paramount lot sale. The road took forever to get inside the building after which as soon as inside it was desk after table of discs. Whereas in line my son and that i took turns stepping out to wander across the studio lot the place we may. He received a photograph of Stage 31 where they filmed Star Trek. I used to spend hours at Ken Cranes laserdisc store in Westminster. They had the largest number of anywhere. I nonetheless have my discs, stored next to my vinyl LP’s in Napa Valley crates and I have 3 players, 1 in storage and one operational and one I have hooked as much as a Pc to convert to DVDs. I have transformed most of my discs to DVD and twice now have missed selling discs earlier than a DVD of the film was launched with The Sand Pebbles and Becket. I did convert PT 109 and sold the disc for 90.00 as it was not out on DVD and to my data nonetheless is not. Also the Star Trek field set and the Star Wars movies previous to the particular editions. I still have the huge James Bond Criterion movies and a few specialty movies by Bill Viola that haven’t been put out on DVD. One in all nowadays I will sell lots of the discs and the rest will probably be framed for his or her cowl art.

caroline 5 years in the past
hey i found some laser disc ,while i used to be cleansing my house they embrace queen( best flix) def leppard (visualize), the cure( image present ) , the cure (beginning on the sea , photographs) , guns’n’roses( use your illusion I AND II world tour -1992 in tokyo ),motley crue(‘eighty-’91), aerosmith( large ones) , the crow ,duran duran decade ) if you are interested contact me

Bill 5 years in the past
I still have virtually each vinyl LP I ever purchased and two turntables to play them on. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to me that I completely refuse to half with any of my laserdiscs. My first player died (Pioneer 990, I feel) so I bought a used Panasonic LX120 on eBay. Like vinyl LP’s, there’s one thing particular about laserdiscs. It’s partly nostalgia for the past but largely it is an appreciation for the expertise. I do know I’m not alone.

I do not remember how many laserdiscs I own, but I remember properly my excitement over them. Like you stated, laserdiscs had been costly, and lots of care and thought went into deciding just which titles to purchase. And the technology was revolutionary for its day- watching motion pictures not from a magnetic tape, however from a laser reading from a silver disc. Just like switching from cassette tapes to CDs. Laserdiscs was a taste of the future, and all of us right here just couldn’t resist the experience, regardless of the fee.

I’ve thought again and again about selling my assortment, however I simply could not do it. My 2 containers full of discs weight a ton every, they usually have not been touched in years. They could appear like useless issues taking over area, but I’m keeping them. They’re a part of my previous and history, and I believe laserdiscs might be final time when entertainment software truly “feels” like there’s worth within the physical product. There’s worth within the workmanship that went into making these large reflective discs. There’s value within the coverart. The miniaturization of movie storage medium into smaller and smaller codecs despite higher and better knowledge sizes has diminished the value of the discs themselves and eventually result in where we at the moment are- that the discs (DVD, blu-ray) themselves haven’t any value. The only thing that’s value something is the zeros and ones, the info bits the encode the motion pictures. And as everyone knows, the movie knowledge stream themselves also are declining in worth, because they’re pervasive and cheaply peddled or offered by everybody out of your web bootleggers, YouTube, and

Right this moment, with movies consistently out there and seemingly provided by almost everyone, you’d almost need to ask, “why would anyone need to personal or pay for a physical recording of a film ” That makes me really feel nostagia for a time when you hold a laserdisc in your hands and examined its stunning cover, you know it was something revolutionary in its day, and it alone delivered a movie expertise like no different.

Henry 6 years ago
As a collector of laserdiscs, I can actually really feel all the pieces you wrote about.

Mike 6 years in the past
Beautiful submit OP.

Can simply really feel the love in your interest by way of your words.
As for myself I just bid on and received a laserdisc participant earlier right now. It will be my very first experience with this format. Looking forward to it!

DOuG pRATt 6 years in the past
Sight 30-forty five on average ($60-90!), however that wasn’t a problem as a result of such as you said, it’s all in regards to the product, the options, the packaging, and having one thing that the majority did not have. While I cleaned out most of my collection ages ago, I nonetheless held onto a number of, plus my Pioneer CLD-2850. I’m within the process of attempting to let it go as I transfer into a brand new house. I merely do not have space for all my gear, and since I haven’t touched the discs in years, I’m contemplating it. Thoughts you, I nonetheless have my SW: Definitive Collection, a number of Criterions, plus boxsets like Toy Story and T2. Possibly I should try and discover a very good dwelling for it!

ByronicalS 9 years in the past
I lately noticed a Japanese model of the 1984 Giorgio Moroder version of METROPOLIS going for over $150 ! Glad that I nonetheless stored mine, ‘trigger they can not reissue it in ANY format due to legal disputes in regards to the rights.

Thanks Pink! I really like that movie too. It is certainly one of my favourite Bruce Willis motion pictures and a great sf film ๐Ÿ™‚

red23 10 years ago
I do know it’s just because your former disc listing is in alpha order, however I like that 12 Monkeys is at the highest. I love that flick. Thanks for the hub.

AuthorEmma 10 years ago from Boston
Hello Capn Ron, thanks for commenting. And that i knew there have been titles missing on my record. I used to have the Star Wars Definitive Assortment too, but it is one of the first LDs I offered on Ebay. I miss it! It is funny how addictive the laserdisc factor was. I believe a part of it for me was it was so specialized. Not that many people had laserdisc gamers. I do not feel almost as maniacally obsessed about DVDs because everyone and their mother has one ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for stopping by!
Capn Ron 10 years ago

I can completely relate with you. I am going through the identical course of as I write this letter. I’m trying to resolve whether or not or not to keep my Criterion Assortment “Ghostbusters” regardless that I have since replaced it with the DVD version. That is one small example out of my 500 plus collection. I think I might have an easier time deciding which toe to cut off.

I too can remember the hunt for the elusive titles and the way fully ridiculous the prices had been compared to what dvd’s run now. I have to snigger at how I did not even bat an eye fixed at the thought of dropping a hundred bucks for the unrated Criterion “Robocop”. I scoffed on the $350 value tag for “Star Wars : The Definitive Collection” just to exchange it a number of brief years later, plopping down one other $150 for the “Star Wars Trilogy Special Version”.

I look into the previous and have come to the conclusion that I used to be a laserholic.

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