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May Shazam Beat Doomsday

Like a lot of people tend to say, it relies on who is writing the story or confrontation between the characters. Green_Lantern I’m a giant Shazam/Captain Marvel fan so my reply is probably biased, however still has a variety of reality to it.

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Consider what Shazam has performed towards Superman within the comics up till now. He has saved Superman’s life a couple of times now in the Justice League comics. Women’s wonder woman movie Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirts He’s knocked out Superman a few instances with one simple arduous punch. It’s been established that he can run faster and fly sooner than Supes in the comics. He can even keep pace with The Flash when the Flash was not in a position to slow down and Shazam had to help him by retaining tempo. After all, he has the ability of Mercury, the unique speedster, In the Kingdom Come story line, Shazam and Superman had a giant fight towards the end with a brainwashed Shazam managed by Luthor I believe. batman v neck t shirts Many individuals in the Kingdom Come story line (common citizens and super heroes and villains alike) feared him. When Shazam and Supes fought, Shazam dominated Superman for the majority of the struggle. Think about if Shazam wasn’t underneath the influence of thoughts management and was able to fight Superman with a clear head of his personal will He may need killed Superman in a short time in that fight. It was solely till Superman grabbed Shazam’s mouth to stop him from calling down the thunder strikes that Superman got the higher hand. And once Shazam was free of the mind control, he pulled Supes again by his cape and flew handed him with ease to cease a missile from hanging someplace. It’s been established that Superman’s laser beams have no impact on Shazam and that Shazam’s thunder strikes put a batman v neck t shirts big damage on Superman. And at one point Shazam was a God in the Trials of Shazam story with powers and skills past something even Superman Prime could’ve even thrown at him. And on multiple occasions, each have fought to a stand nonetheless with no one gaining the higher hand. And in the Batman & Superman Public enemies cartoon film, there is a scene where Batman versus Hawkman and Shazam versus Superman. Within the film, Shazam appears to be like like he is easily beating Superman fist to fist. At one level, Superman even has to ask Batman to trade combating opponents because Superman’s vulnerability to Shazam’s magic powers is a serious weakness. Shazam even beats up Batman a bit within the film. So Shazam is a significant power to be reckoned with in the DC universe. But quite often, DC doesn’t write his character to his full skills and so they don’t need him to outshine their golden boy Superman, since they were major opponents at one time by way of rival comedian book corporations within the 1950’s.