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So We know What GALACTUS Will Seem like Now

If you’re embarrased by the fact that you are reading comics. Identify one character or scenario in a superhero e-book that Isn’t “ridiculous.” The point is that (if this rumor is true) the dunderheads behind FF don’t trust the source material sufficient to actually, you recognize, take the time to get the viewers to consider. Apparently Richard Donner is the one Filmaker with enough testosterone for that. As an alternative, they’re going to just pull the “nimbus” aspect of the story and cull the precise Galactus and attempt to make you believe it is better this manner. However it’s not. Why even try to do the Galactus story if you’re not going to have freaking Galactus appear You appear to have trusted that the Silver Surfer may work, why is Galactus so completely different Of course, perhaps this report is incorrect. But considering the way they castrated Dr. Doom, I am inclined to consider it is true. Why, oh why are these people embarrassed by the subject material It’s a freaking Comedian Book Movie! Embrace batman t shirts for sale 50 the mythology dummies! It’s enjoyable! It is fantasy! Do not run away from that! Give us a 100 ft. tall Humanoid Galactic world-eater with a freaky know-how go well with! Have him plop down in the middle of NYC and start to create an apocolypse machine out of the mud within the air! In the event you sell it – Actually Promote IT – with out Johnny Storm making a tounge-in-cheek “wink batman t shirts for sale 50 wink” in-joke to the audience every two seconds, it might just work! Get some balls! Do it! Ah, what am I saying – nthis franchise is past redemption anyways – do regardless of the hell you want.

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