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The Walking Useless, Season 8, Episode four, Some Guy Recap

Tiger, tiger… eaten alive by a horde of batman and robin sweatshirts walkers. It was one more “action packed” instalment of The Strolling Useless (that is four in a row, if we’re counting ) and – quite an achievement this – perhaps the season’s most baffling to this point.

King Ezekiel (Khary Payton), with minimal foreshadowing, suffered an emotional meltdown and virtually ended up along with his head on a Saviour spike (the spike would have been much less humiliating than the extremely-contrived breakdown). His very dangerous day received even worse as pet tiger Shiva had an unhappy run-in with a mob batman and robin sweatshirts of peckish undead (what number of Walkers does it take to down a full grown tiger Fewer than you’d imagine).

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) in the meantime introduced their bromance to the following degree as they drove around at excessive velocity, shooting at any passing Saviours. You bought the impression they’d most likely have been driving around shooting anyway and that the Saviours had been a bonus.

None of this made a huge degree of sense and there’s the ongoing suspicion that the show is stringing us along till it brings back Negan / Negan’s walker-proof caravan for the mid-sequence finale. That batman and robin sweatshirts stated, you can’t really argue with an episode of the Strolling Lifeless that features a) a CGI tiger devoured by zombies and b) Rick leaping out of his jeep to punch a Saviour on the jaw. It’s the little things that keep us hooked.

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