anna wig, what weave is best for natural hair

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Its Actually Cute And Totally Sexy

Please identify some websites which are good for this, that have pictures AND Directions!!
scrunch or str8n sadly there isn’t a quick hair fashion for someone wit thick hair except its pin str8

chop anna wig it off!!!!! girls with short hair are sexy!
I have the same problem. Super thick hair that is totally annoying. These are just some things that I do:

1-I put it up in a ponytail-except my bangs-and clip by bangs up in a lump on prime of my head. Its actually cute and totally sexy. Guys really find it irresistible.

2-Just a braid, it takes me about 3 mins to braid my hair, and its quite long. Braids say that your very sophisticated and keen.

3-Sometimes I even simply put all of it up and have my bangs combed over to at least one aspect-emo look- but its totally cute.

These are just some things that I do, but they defiantly work. It is best to try some and hopefully considered one of them work for you. Good luck, and no matter what, you’re lovely, regardless how thick your hair is.

-Jami Starr-
effectively if the thickness is stopping you, ask the hairdresser to use texturing scissors or to layer it next time and go from there..

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I would suggest you get a great haircut that can skinny your hair some and form it good. Then find a salon that has a computerized fashion finder and that can let you realize what fashion is good anna wig for you and then ask the hairstylist about thining your hair and using a great conditioner. A very good once every week at dwelling one is a cup of mayo and 1/four cup olive oil, work into hair then placed on a shower cap for 30 min. ( only if you don’t have oily hair). It is great for shine and manageability. Try a Latino store for a pink conditioner that comes from Mexico, it is great for thick hair (some family dollar shops or dollar common has it too, sorry I do not remember the identify, my buddy got it for me in Mexico but you will discover it here). Layered cuts that thin your hair are usually the best for thick hair. The all one length makes it look fuller. It will depend on the shape of your face as to what model would look good, thats why the computerized evaluation can be greatest.

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