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ThinkPad X300 + Hackintosh OS X = A better MacBook Air

Men's Desgin TheSilverSurfer Short Sleeve T-ShirtIt’s exhausting to not be drawn in by the MacBook Air however imagine making it a better notebook. What in the event you wished to create not the world’s thinnest notebook but the world’s finest super-skinny notebook (There’s a crucial difference and that difference was basically dictated by Steve Jobs’ ego).

Imagine itemizing the Air’s most typical critiques and then fixing all of them – ticking them off one by one. We reckon you’d end up with something fairly damned near Lenovo’s Thinkpad X300 which will probably be launched to the Australian IT media tomorrow night at the NSW Artwork Gallery.

(The connection It’s not a lot that the X300 is indeed a work of art at least from an engineering perspective but that the gallery’s Asian Artwork exhibit contains one of the short Japanese swords known because the Kodachi which occurs to be the code-name for the X300).

As previously reported the thirteen.3in ThinkPad X300 will see Lenovo raise the ante in the ultra-skinny laptop computer stakes. Lenovo is unlikely to offer a head-to-head with the MacBook Air however then there are those cheeky shots of the X300 sitting atop an inter-office envelope identical to one other ultra-skinny notebook that was not too long ago launched…

The X300 can’t match the bulimic bantamweight form of the MacBook Air however then something’s received to offer a little bit if you desire a DVD drive Ethernet port expandable RAM a use-replaceable battery (especially if you will get a swappable second battery to boost the time between refills to eight hours) non-obligatory cellular broadband african american wonder woman shirt roblox via HSDPA and more than one solitary USB port.
However could you add all those options with out severely bulking up the box Sure and the X300 is proof.

Some might draw a better comparability to the MacBook Professional although this is also a case of swings and roundabouts. The MacBook Pro is the more muscle-bound of the pair with full-throttle Core 2 Duo processors from 2.2GHz to 2.6GHz somewhat than the X300’s 1.2GHz low voltage Core 2 Duo ‘mini-Merom’ (formally it’s the Intel SL7100 LV) which is a 60% shrink of Intel’s off-the-shelf Merom cellular processor. And the MacBook Professional will nearly actually dash additional ahead within the next few weeks based mostly on a african american wonder woman shirt roblox rumoured impending upgrade to the fresh-baked 45nm ‘Penryn’ notebook superslab.

That stated the ThinkPad X300 actually wins out in dimension – its profile tapers from 2.35cm to 1.86cm from wedge-to-edge in opposition to the MacBook Pro’s 2.6cm and at 1.4kg the X300 is almost 1kg lighter than Apple’s sleek silver beast. Add the solid state drive (albeit solely 64GB) and options for HSDPA and second battery and issues are wanting sweet for Lenovo.

However perhaps the most significant issue within the african american wonder woman shirt roblox X300’s favour is its footprint. Apple has steadfastly refused to provide a sub-15.4in model of the MacBook Pro maybe feeling that this could eat into the gross sales of its popular thirteen.3in MacBook. Having learned its lesson from the hydra-like product strains of the mid-90s which returning messiah Steve Jobs pared back to a easier set Apple is today extremely savvy at differentiation: separating and scaling its products in order that there are pure touchdown points for almost any customer coupled with engaging one-step-up paths that substantially enhance characteristic set ticket worth and profit margin.