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Braided Rosette Buns / 2 Styles In one

Hello everyone! This post will show you the way you may get 2 fully totally different seems to be from the identical base fashion. A day 1 and a day 2 look. It is going to even be my first attempt at a step by step which has been noticeably lacking from my blog. Right here we go!

#1B/Grey Ombre Hair Weave 3 Bundles Body WavyI started on banded hair. This allows me to work with stretched hair versus GDL’s curly curly curls (easier that way). Right here we are right earlier than band elimination

As 20 inch extensions you may see a few of her bands slipped off in a single day, no massive deal. I then take out all of the bands to asses how stretched it is, how wet it’s or if it’s all the best way dry to determine what merchandise I want to use that day. Here we’re at that step.

On at the present time GDL’s hair was still fairly damp which meant that along with my shea butter pomade
I’d want to use my spray bottle of conditioner/water mixture. If her hair was utterly dry (prefer it normally is by morning) all I’d have needed was the pomade. GDL’s hair cooperates best when it’s wet-wet or fully dry, middle floor would not work too effectively for us.
From here I parted her hair in half from ear to ear and tied the again half out of the way.

Next I put the front half in a facet ponytail utilizing a clear elastic.
I took the ponytail on top and put it into 4 braids as seen here

Notice I braided one braid a bit more loosely than the others (see below). You’ll find out why I did that later 😀

Now we’re to the stage the place we will end the first look. I laid the 4 braids flat towards GDL’s head and joined them right into a ponytail with the underside half of her hair. I then braided that ponytail right into a single braid and added a clippie to the highest (because her ponytail had bubbles in it, don’t you hate when that happens ! Simple repair, add a clippie!) Now I selected to hide the (4) braids into the 1 huge braid, they’re nonetheless braided all the way in which down, you just cannot see them. You might choose to let them present for a special look in your backside braid. Here is the finished type!

Overnight I all the time take any bands (at the bottom) out of GDL’s hair for sleeping. So take away the underside ponytail holder and minimize out the elastic on high. Careful don’t cut any hair! Have your daughter sleep on a satin pillowcase/cap/scarf or whatever you prefer that will minimize her hair fuzzing up actually dangerous overnight. In the morning you’ll need to reband her top ponytail with an elastic. The braids is perhaps just a little puffy down by the band, but the braid itself ought to be wonderful if your satin did a very good job the night earlier than. You possibly can re-do the braids if you’d like but you shouldn’t have to. You do not have to fret about that puffiness by the band both, (you may see why!).

For our 2nd look we’re gonna begin by taking our three smaller braids (remember we left one braided extra loosely) and we’re gonna kind three of my favorite new issues, rosettes! That’s why we don’t have to fret about puffiness, it will be covered up anyway! After all you can do 1 or 2 rosettes as an alternative of 3, especially if working with very thick or very lengthy hair. To type a rosette merely form the braid right into a circle like you’ll a bun, however try to get it to lay as flat as doable (suppose pincurl), then pin in place. I used bobby pins that match GDL’s hair coloration but I think hairpins would work nicely too, as a result of they’re usually shorter than bobby pins. Right here we are with 2 of our three rosettes formed

So after your final rosette is pinned, we’re gonna make a slide braid (from the braid that we made extra loose than the opposite 3) that may go from the highest ponytail to the underside ponytail. Take 1 strand and hold it tight, hold the opposite 2 strands with the other hand. This was tough to take a picture of because I don’t have three hands but right here goes

You possibly can barely make out that third strand in opposition to my palm and the other 2 strands off to the best. Keep the single strand in your left hand and the other 2 in your right hand (or vice versa) and begin sliding the “2-strand” hand up the “1-strand” like so (if it would not slide easily re-braid extra loosely and add some pomade to make the hair slippery-er)

After you slide it all the way in which up (do not let go) and pull it back down to the extent the place you will be becoming a member of it to the underside ponytail then clip it there and transfer it aside.

Notice it’s not the perfect slide braid take a look at this stage, don’t fret about that, we’ll regulate it later. Now make your backside ponytail. I made a facet pony for this one however on our first style the day earlier than it was a middle ponytail. Slide braids take a number of hair to make a little bit braid so the shorter distance they should go, the higher they give the impression of being (unless you have got looong hair to work with). So make that aspect pony and join your slide braid to it.

Now we are able to alter our slide braid. Just use your finger and slide up or down no matter must be slid (slidden whatever).

Finish the bottom ponytail anyway you like, I chose a 3 strand twist. And there you go!
Hindsight statement- It’s means simpler to get one rosette to lay flat than 3 in shut proximity. Later on at the present time as a result of her rosettes stored popping out, I unpinned them, braided the three braids collectively and made one large rosette, good and flat. It stayed all day! I still want to grasp the three rosettes because I like the look of it!

So there you’ve it, 2 styles from one base and a step-by-step. Now I’ll conclude this longest publish in history. Good Day!

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